An experiment, here or there

After reading this post on Ben Spark: I decided to do my own version of the experiment to get my creative sketchy juices flowing.

My goal:  52 pieces of sidewalk chalk and a large chalkboard = 52 colors in 26 minutes

So, I set my timer for 30 seconds and went hacking away on my chalkboard, armed only with the idea that my (drawing? picture? disaster?) was possibly going to be a landscape.  Here is the before and after.











Until finally, after much laboring and my hands becoming coated in 52 different colors, I finished my first ever “serious” chalk drawing:

Woot for abstracts!

I’m not quite sure what it’s supposed to be, but I’m assuming it’s a Dr. Seuss-style ocean/hill/shore/mountain combination 😀 It was quite fun to draw, whatever it is.

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Reasons why Google Inspires Me

1. You can type in nearly any word (aka “beanlike”) and find amusing results that will end you up doing something you didn’t even mean to be doing (aka looking up the word “fabaceuous” in the dictionary)
2. It helps you find exactly what your looking for, unlike most humans. Usually it does, anyway.. Just remember to keep your search words right.
3. It spouts facts and figures that can lead to whimsical yet oddly technology themed poems like this one:
Oh to laugh like a little girl
Who has just tweeted her dinner
Or like a middle aged man
Who’s six FarmVille chickens richer
That would be the life the Internet brings me
One full of search engines and
Wordpress blogs to see

My point: Next time you use Google, say a little thank you in your head. It deserves a bit of gratitude.

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Why hello there

This is the first post on my blog, Notoriously Genius, which will comprise of everything from my opinion on recent politics to a list of my favorite songs- basically whatever I feel in the mood for.  This is Hannah speaking, and I’ll try to start updating soon!

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