A Little Ode to Summertime

Oh seasons rolling into summer, what have you brought me?

Children playing with wet hair and hot skin

Smoky clouds filling the sky over dry grass

Unmistakable scent of summer, it’s here

Oxygen as wet as crisp watermelons

Glasses of lemonade sweating, dripping down red legs

A soulful breeze blows through a neighborhood

Everyone leans out to catch it, sighing, thankfully

A reprieve from the sultry dusk air

Here come the storms, so frightening

That spray the houses so violently

Mutinous clouds that roar and flash

Whorls of rain that beat themselves into puddles

Oh glorious day break awaits, when all is over

The grass is emerald and the sky rubies

Air is still, but cool and wet

A summer storm you will never forget


About hannahcatheryn

A writer, web and graphic designer, artistic genius, and more ;)
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