It’s amazing how time slips away really quickly

It’s been forever since my last post, I know, and I’ll admit it’s partially because of my own negligence. Okay, maybe I should said mostly. But it’s true that the past month has been a busy one. April has come and gone as quickly as a teenager in a Ferrari, and summer is closing in, leaving the cool springy days behind. Today’s weather has been unexpectedly beautiful however, a cool breezy 64- perfect for bike riding. It’s nice to get out of the house like I did this morning on my bike, especially when I’ve been inside and cooking so much. Speaking of cooking, I made the best caramellized onions & carrots yesterday. Really. They were so good, though the picture below doesn’t really do them justice. After they were done I made them into a tomato sauce, with my spaghetti 🙂

  I got a chance to walk around the Downtown area and do a bit of sightseeing earlier in the week. Here’s a photo of the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral, the sepia setting on my camera was too perfect to resist. Haha 🙂


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One Response to It’s amazing how time slips away really quickly

  1. Christine says:

    Ooo, your dinner sounds delicious! I also love the photo of the cathedral. The colors make it look so vintage.

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