I happen to love dwarfs

Dwarf Seahorse Needs Endangered Species Status 

For the record, I love animals.  Always have and probably always will.  But up until a few minutes ago, the topper on my “favorite endangered species” list was the sea turtle and humpback whale.  Now this little guy is creeping up the list, too.  Dwarf seahorses are possibly one of the cutest marine animals out there, and the more I read about them the more desperately I hope they don’t go extinct, so one day I may catch one and keep it close to me at all times.  They have “elaborate mating and social rituals” which they go through seeking a mate or just a friend, they’re less than one inch long and the male gives live birth to the offspring.  It’s so weird but so great.  But the true point of this post is, to let you all know that right now the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is fighting to get the little guys protection for their seagrass. This sea horse is one of the numerous victims of the late BP oil spill (which still hasn’t been properly cleaned up) and might never get protection.  We need a petition over here!


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