An experiment, here or there

After reading this post on Ben Spark: I decided to do my own version of the experiment to get my creative sketchy juices flowing.

My goal:  52 pieces of sidewalk chalk and a large chalkboard = 52 colors in 26 minutes

So, I set my timer for 30 seconds and went hacking away on my chalkboard, armed only with the idea that my (drawing? picture? disaster?) was possibly going to be a landscape.  Here is the before and after.











Until finally, after much laboring and my hands becoming coated in 52 different colors, I finished my first ever “serious” chalk drawing:

Woot for abstracts!

I’m not quite sure what it’s supposed to be, but I’m assuming it’s a Dr. Seuss-style ocean/hill/shore/mountain combination 😀 It was quite fun to draw, whatever it is.


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2 Responses to An experiment, here or there

  1. BenSpark says:

    That is excellent!

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