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The five songs that inspire me most

Today has been a pretty quiet, relaxed day, so I had a while to think it through and compile this list of songs for y’all.  These songs aren’t inspiring for any particular reason, just an odd assortment that when I … Continue reading

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An experiment, here or there

After reading this post on Ben Spark: I decided to do my own version of the experiment to get my creative sketchy juices flowing. My goal:  52 pieces of sidewalk chalk and a large chalkboard = 52 colors in 26 … Continue reading

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Reasons why Google Inspires Me

1. You can type in nearly any word (aka “beanlike”) and find amusing results that will end you up doing something you didn’t even mean to be doing (aka looking up the word “fabaceuous” in the dictionary) 2. It helps … Continue reading

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Why hello there

This is the first post on my blog, Notoriously Genius, which will comprise of everything from my opinion on recent politics to a list of my favorite songs- basically whatever I feel in the mood for.  This is Hannah speaking, … Continue reading

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